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How Does The World Celebrate Valentine’s Day?

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Valentine’s Day.Named for a martyr and dedicated to lovers, this holiday has evolved throughout history to become one of the most romantic days of the year.Originally celebrated in the western world, other cultures and countries have embraced the traditions over the years, and added some of their own.
Canada, U.S Mexico
Teenagers may have dances or parties while everyone, from adult down, gives flowers, candy, or some other gift to their spouses or significant others.
Mexicans celebrate Valentine’s Day but the day goes by another name”Dia de San Valentin” or “Dia del amor y la armistad” is a day of love and friendship.
Although in many ways Scotland’s celebration of Valentine’s Day is typical, there are some differences.Small Valentine’s parties are often held, and the festivities include a number of games.The most common is to have an equal number of both sexes write their names down on a piece of paper which is then folded and placed in a hat or other container, one for men, one for women.The women draw a name from the men’s hat and that man has to stick with his valentine for the rest of the party, often giving her a small gift as well.This tradition traces its roots back to Lupercalia, the same Roman festival that lends itself to customs in South Africa.
South Africa
Another culture that has adopted the festivities of Saint Valentine’s day is South Africa.Among the more traditional exchanges of gifts and going out on dates with someone special, some still engage in elements of a traditional Roman festival where young girls (and some young men) pin the name of their love interests on their sleeves for everyone to see.
Italy has recently taken up the celebration of Valentine’s Day.Italian custom dictates that this day is only for lovers, and friends and family do not exchange gifts or celebrate the day.Among the customary gifts of candy, flowers and jewellery, another popular choice is to gift one’s lover with Baci Perugina.These are chocolate covered hazelnuts that contain a tiny slip of paper with a romantic quote printed on them in up to four languages.
In Romania Saint Valentine’s has only recently begun being celebrated, as this country has its own romantic holiday on February 24th known as Dragobete. Dragobete is known as the “day when the birds become betrothed.”Singles of both sexes come together to gather flowers, sing together and pick snowdrops if the weather is fair.
Valentine’s Day with its trappings of cards and candy is enjoyed by the younger generations, but the traditional groups and even national organizations in Romania are against Valentine’s Day, claiming it is a western tradition that has been heavily commercialized.
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